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Best Cupcakes in Town

5 Jan

Lemon Cupcakes

Yes that’s a lemon cupcake with cream cheese buttercream filling- these treats are divine!

If you’re in Lafayette, IN then you have got to stop by Star City Coffee & Ale House, downtown off Main Street. Trust me, these cupcakes are worth blowing your New Years Resolutions for!



Curlformers on 4B/4C Natural Hair

5 Jan

I’ve been natural since January 2009 but the last two years I’ve gotten super bored with my hair. As a result, I’ve been very rough with my tresses and have vowed to give them more TLC – I have even committed to experimenting with styles before transitioning to locs later this year. As many around me have probably noticed, I got a little too content with the puff I rocked most of this winter, so before my hair breaks off any further (yup, the damage has been done) I’ve decided to give some fun new styles a try…

When I say I’m bored, I really mean I’m bored with two strand twists and twist-outs. Instead of trying a twist-out based hairstyle I decided to go with Curlformers. I purchased a kit from my local Sally’s Beauty supply store. Before curling, I washed and detangled my hair with
a Denman brush. After applying my favorite leave-in conditioner, Kinky Curly Knot Today, I then applied a light layer of oil I mixed up a while back. Followed by a dab of Oyin Handmade’s Burnt Sugar Pomade to each section as I went along.

I basically followed the instructions on Continue reading

Handmade Brown Sugar Body Scrub

4 Jan

Brown Sugar Body ScrubThis Christmas I was determined to MAKE my friends and family members gifts instead of buying pre-packaged ones. For women who have it all there’s lots of pressure to pick the perfect gift but how can anyone diss a heartfelt gift made by hand with love!

Christmas was only a few weeks away and I was having trouble coming up with a good idea.  Thankfully, just before I was ready to give up I came across this link on Twitter promoting a “How-To” article for Body Scrubs. It looked easy so I decided to give it a try.  Continue reading